Saturday, December 10, 2011

Marriage: We're almost there

DENVER — The cake is paid for, our photographer is set and Erin keeps teasing me about how beautiful her wedding dress looks on her. Wedding week is here, and so is our new blog.

For the past several months, Erin and I have been meticulously planning our wedding, what our apartment (we ended up getting a condo!) will look like  and how we will spend our lives as husband and wife. One of the ideas that I thought would be fun  — and beneficial — would be writing a blog. Erin agreed with me and is pretty excited about it.

We've always been impressed with certain blogs we follow, especially blogs that our friends maintain. If you haven't done so yet, check out Anna Dunham's (her new last name is much easier), or Chase Purdy's, or Erin Cvengros'. We hope to keep you entertained and informed on what we're up to.

We also hope to share some insight about our first year of marriage. There will be plenty of stories to tell about all of the lessons, fun, arguments, love, humor and creativity we experience along the way. We're also really close on putting all the finishing touches on our condo, which overlooks beautiful downtown Denver. As soon as it looks perfect, you'll get a full tour.

To catch you up on everything that's going on in our lives right now:

My career has transitioned from the journalism world to the marketing world for now. I started almost a month ago at Exclusive Resorts — a luxury travel club based in downtown Denver. We have 40 luxurious properties around the world, from the Caribbean, to the mountains in Colorado, to Europe and Asia. My position is "content specialist," which means I help maintain our travel blog, as well as write internal and external communications for members and potential members. It's definitely different than working at a newspaper. The pace is slower, the writing isn't always as exciting, but I'm learning so much about the business world. If you're interested in a membership (starting at like $115,000...) let me know — I get a kickback for referrals.

Erin, who will do a much better job describing what she's been up to than I will, has been working at the accounting firm McGladrey & Pullen since October in the company's auditing department. Her job has been quite exciting, and is about to get even more exciting crazy, when the busy season kicks off after the new year. Already in her young career, she's had to travel to New York City twice as part of the auditing team on one of their bigger clients. This February, Erin will be in NYC for three weeks straight! Luckily for me, her company is pretty awesome when it comes to family. They will fly me out for a long weekend to spend some time with her (...and Shawn.)

Today, Erin is moving in her things to our condo and we are going to start getting everything organized. Our wedding is on Friday and we leave for a secret honeymoon on Saturday. Erin hasn't a clue where we are going. I figure I'll tell her at the airport.

So, back to work for me! We are very excited for this blog and promise to be diligent about updating.



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  1. ha...thanks for the shout-out, guys! I'm so happy for you two :)