Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our new home in Denver, Colorado

Here's a sneak peak... there's still some work to be done —
but we're really excited about the possibilities!
DENVER — Always trust your first impression.

That was a lesson Erin and I learned when searching for our first apartment in Denver. I moved out to Colorado at the end of October, and that first weekend here, Erin, my dad and myself hit the streets to find our first place. That day, we probably looked at six different units. Near the end of the day, everything started looking exactly the same and we were getting discouraged by high rent prices.

But after sleeping on it for a few days, we decided that the condo we found on Craigslist in uptown Denver was the perfect home. It had our required in-unit washer and dryer, and our desired bonuses of granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. The condo is a 15-minute walk to my office downtown and a 7-minute walk for Erin. My Ford Escape also sits warmly in the underground, heated garage. Thankfully for us, it was our cheapest option out of the "big box store" lofts we looked at.

Let me tell you about these, what I'm calling, "big box stores." They put fancy names on them, i.e., Alexan Broadway Station or The Boulevard, and you're greeted by an equivalent of one of my little sister's sorority sisters from Michigan State. You sit down and they tell you how great the complex is because it's around the corner from the hottest bar and that you're social life will never be dull.

"We will also need an application fee of $150 per person to get the application process started," they tell you.

Once your inside the demo unit, it's filled with tacky, colorful furniture, and for some reason, the only way to the bathroom is through the master bedroom. I think in one of them, you needed to go through a closet or something.

"We also have a heated pool and hot tub open year round," they tell you.

Erin and I assume that the leaves and beer cans floating in those pools are also complimentary.

So, fast forward a week (We're in November if you're following along). Erin and I decide the condo is our place to start our married lives. It's perfect. The real wood floors, the amazing view of downtown, the fact that there is a master bathroom with dual-vanity sinks and a half bathroom for guests — everything about it is great.

There is one downside, which we will figure out soon I'm sure. There is one closet. And it's not a walk-in. My clothes might be living in the storage unit that also comes with the condo.

We furnished the place a couple of weeks ago and it's starting to look great. This week, before the wedding, Erin and I are doing everything we can to make it look perfect, so when we return from our honeymoon, it will be ready to live in. Merry Christmas to us!

Let us know what you think of the condo (I feel like it needs a name... ideas welcomed)




  1. This place looks so, so cool. I'm jealous.

  2. Love the blog Andrew....great to read about your adventures! Congratulations!!