Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wedding Week: The best (early) Christmas gift ever

Thank you to my mom for the lovely personalized
Christmas ornaments from Bronners.
DENVER — What's better than Christmas? Getting married to your best friend around Christmas. The countdown is at three days — and everyone is so excited!

There are many great reasons for getting married around Christmas time — a big one being that the venue we're getting married is already fully directed for the holidays and it looks beautiful. Having those decorations up certainly helped us worry about one less thing.

But if there is one thing that is kind of odd about our timing (we get married on the 16th and get back from our honeymoon on the 24th) is the lack of time we get to enjoy in our new condo with Christmas decorations up. We did the best we could for the amount of time we've had.

We would like to give out an early thank you (cards will be in the mail soon!) to the Mundie family for giving us great Christmas ornaments and our very own personalized Christmas stockings. I hung those up right away and they look great. In keeping with the holiday tradition, here are some Christmas photos from our condo.

The tiny nativity scene given to me by our close family friends The Palmers. I believe they bought it for me in Mexico
Our personalized stockings from the Mundie's
How about that view! We kept it classy with the single-strand
of lights on our balcony. Won't this be the perfect place to make a New Year's
toast from?
I've always been a fan of Kermit. Especially a snowy Kermit. Ignore the top of our shelf. Ikea tricked me.
Here's a view from our bedroom. we stranded some Christmas lights along the ledge. Ignore the bed sheets.
Erin said I can't pull out the nice bed sheets until she moves in after the wedding.
Only Terry Dodson could find a soap dispenser this cool.
And now that you're in the Christmas spirit, treat yourself to some Dave Koz Christmas music.

Merry Christmas,


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