Monday, December 12, 2011

Wedding Week: Top 5 Wedding Moments on TV

One of the many great scenes from Love Actually.
There's still plenty of little things to wrap up before the big day on Friday, but Erin and I are so ready to be married and celebrate with our friends and families. With all this wedding talk going on, I knew it was time to show some of the greatest weddings in TV history. I didn't include Kim Kardashian's extravaganza.

And I know Erin is going to tell me that I forgot the Royal Wedding because that also aired on TV. I decided to stick to fiction, although I was convinced that Uncle Jesse and Rebecca were married in real life on Full House.

While there are probably many great wedding moment's on TV, here are some top moments:

"Marry You," by the Glee cast. Kurt's dad was remarried, and a bunch of teenagers sang about drinking Patron and getting married. Classic.

Glee - Video Marry You HD (wedding cut) from GùiFún on Vimeo.

The Office — Jim and Pam's Wedding Dance. You know you cried (and laughed) during this. Oscar wins for best dance move.

The Office - Jim and Pam getting married dance [ JK Wedding Entrance Dance Style ] from Larsen on Vimeo.

Full House — Uncle Jesse sings "Forever". Little did we know it would turn out to be an international hit featuring the Beach Boys. It was so good, that it went No. 1 on the Billboard Top 40 on three different occasions. No big deal.

Uncle Jesse Sings "Forever"
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Love Actually — All You Need is Love. Now I know this isn't a TV show, but it seems like it's on TV every night during the holiday season.



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