Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wedding Week: Welcome Family and Friends

DENVER — A high of 43 and partly sunny (not cloudy) skies are forecasted for Wednesday when a large portion of our family and friends arrive here for our wedding. The countdown is at two days!

Next to actually getting married, seeing our closest family and friends at what is being billed the party of 2011, is definitely the best part of this week. My immediate family, excluding my sister Sam and brother-in-law Henry (who come in Thursday, thank you Michigan public school system), come in Wednesday, along with my best man Shawn McKinstry. My former roomie and best friend Lyle Davis III flew in late last night.

Erin's sister Carly finished up her exams today and is now home for Christmas break from Colorado State University.

Erin has always loved the quote, "Live well, laugh often, love much." I think that's a pretty appropriate slogan for this week.

It's also safe to assume that when I start seeing all of these amazing people, it's going to FEEL REAL. A wedding is happening on Friday, and it's going to be awesome.

In other wedding news, I finished packing for the honeymoon and all my beach clothes are ready to. Whenever I remind Erin certain things for the big vacation, I get the standard, "Where are we going?"

It's still a surprise. I think I'll tell her at the airport. I would blindfold her and put noise canceling headphones on so she hasn't a clue, but I don't think Homeland Security would care for that.

Here are just some of the great people making the trip this week:

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