Monday, December 26, 2011

We've returned from our honeymoon in St. Lucia

Enjoying a very cold waterfall in St. Lucia.
Merry Christmas and soon-to-be a Happy New Year! Erin and I returned late Christmas Eve from our lovely honeymoon in St. Lucia and it was amazing.

If you don't remember, Erin had no idea where we were going, which is probably even more amazing, because I'm terrible at keeping secrets. I booked our honeymoon in July and kept it a secret until we arrived at the airport late Saturday night, the day after our wedding. After I swiped my passport, our itinerary popped up on the kiosk and Erin's face lit up.

Over the next couple of days, I'll post photos from our trip as I get them uploaded. For now, here are a few scenery shots and photos of Erin and me.

We were (as all honeymooners should be) completely disconnected from the Internet and phones all week, which is such a great feeling. Don't worry, we sent over a quick email to our parents to let them know that we arrived safely.

The weather was beautiful and the island was a ton of fun. We have many funny stories to share, which I'll work on writing up this week and get back onto a normal blogging schedule.

Oh! Our wedding was perfect! We'll also have more photos (our photographer should have our photos ready in the coming weeks) and stories to share.

We hope everyone had a great Christmas!



I know this looks fake, but this is actually the view Erin and I had one morning
while eating breakfast. Just another day in paradise!

Erin and me in front of a beautiful St. Lucian sunset!

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