Monday, December 26, 2011

When Living Together Gets Real: Bobby Pins

The one thing I've learned in my first week of marriage: Bobby pins are everywhere. Two examples:

After returning from our honeymoon, we needed to do an intense cleaning and organizing of our apartment. After the wedding, we kind of just dropped everything, packed our bags and took off.

So, while cleaning the apartment, there was something sticky on the kitchen counter. Erin's guess — the champagne that spilled while my groomsmen and I were getting ready for the wedding. As I begin to wipe the counter, I feel a bump. A bobby pin. It was stuck to the counter. Gross.

And then as we are leaving Erin's family Christmas in Lakewood, I reach into my coat pocket to get my car keys and what do I find in my pocket? Two more bobby pins.

Bobby pins. They're everywhere. When living together gets real.