Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Years & Cheers to 2012

The worst part about an amazing new years celebration is knowing that the real world officially starts again today.

Since our wedding on Dec. 16, Erin and I have had a wonderful time enjoying each other's company, honeymooning, moving in together, organizing our downtown condo, spending time with family, and having fun with friends. Everything wrapped up at the new years party we hosted, which not only gave us an opportunity to have fun with friends, but also use some of our awesome dishes and kitchen gadgets we received from our wedding.

Our Menu:
• Veggie tray + dip •
• Homemade spinach artichoke dip + crackers •
• Hummus + pita chips •
• A bevy of champagne •
• Alcohol-infused peppermint whipped cream •
• A very strong cosmopolitan punch •
• Brownies + cookies •

Also — before kicking it with Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark two hours after most of my friends and family from the Eastern Time Zone, we played this game called "salad bowl," which is a very fun party game/ice breaker. (Here's a quick explanation). It becomes more fun as the champagne flows.

Erin and I are still sculpting our New Years Resolutions for the year. Because 2012 will be our first full year as a married couple, we feel like we can and will try harder than most other new year's resolutions from the past. Plus, we have each other to push and motivate the other person to make sure we accomplish our goals.

So, cheers to 2012! Let's make it a great year!

— Andrew

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