Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Weekend: Fancy Dinner, Photo Collage

Another week down. This will probably be the last full weekend that Erin and I will be able to enjoy before her auditing busy season starts. Our original plan was to snowshoe, but due to high winds and a lack of snow, snowshoeing would be more like ice skating. We do have a fancy dinner planned tonight in downtown Denver at McCormick's Fish House — the same restaurant that catered our wedding.

Now that we have all of the photos from our wedding, we are trying to become inspired and put up a photo collage in our condo. Here are some little pieces of inspiration we came across online this morning, but recommendations and tips are definitely welcomed.
 We don't mind the frameless look, but those prints get expensive.
 Do we stay one color, like this all white display? Or splash in some browns and black frames, too?

 I don't mind this, although, I prefer frames that border the photo, instead of housing a small photo.
 This is clearly a joke and much too busy.
And we might have a winner! This is pretty classy looking.

Here's a shot of our living room with it's empty wall. Again, suggestions are certainly appreciated and welcomed. Have a great weekend!


  1. Have to say that the second one is my favorite, the one with different frames. Although a year ago I would have never said that, and probably went with your classy choice. My decor style has changed dramatically over the year.

    You asked why there were no pictures in my frames... it's my frame wall... strictly decor. haha... I havn't met one guy that "gets it", ... they all make smart comments about it, like "call the cops, someone stole your pictures" or "do you need money to print off some photo's" LOL. but most girls love it when they see it.
    I did it because it's different and was an easy way to add color to the room. We do have frames in the hallway with pictures, and a corner of pictures strung on a string. so there are pics in the house, just not on the frame wall.


  2. I also really like the second one-- and the last one (before your living room). Both are simple yet unique. Can't wait to see the finished result!

  3. so many inspiring interiors! i love the minimalist look!

    <3 steffy
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