Friday, January 27, 2012

I want an office, but we can only fit a desk

While our desktop makes our kitchen counter look a bit more chic, it can't stay here forever. Erin and I have many projects to accomplish around our condo (photo collage...), including finding a desk and some sort of organization system for bills, important documents, etc. Our goal is to go completely paperless by the summer.

Wish us luck.

Anyways, we're in the hunt for a desk. As I perused the Internet for something that will fit in our small space, I certainly became inspired by some pretty awesome home offices. Once we move into a house one day, I hope to have a big open space with a large flat desk (think Restoration Hardware). Here are some great home offices:
Photo: Restoration Hardware
We'll probably end up going with something like this for now...
And more specifically — will probably go with something like this. (Photo: Ikea)

Have any inspirations for a fun home office? Share below.
Happy Friday!


  1. Hi Erin and Andrew!
    Your wedding pictures are so lovely! These desks are lovely. I'm sitting in my very little messy office feeling inspired to tidy it up {and find a way to go paperless too, good thinking!}.

    You guys left me a comment about the width of your blog, looks perfect on my little MacBook :) Check out my tutorial though on making sure people can reply to your comments :) You just need to add an email address to your blogger profile.

    Looking forward to getting to know you guys better!

  2. my office is so messy that it hurts my brain. I need to clean it this weekend! I think there are many ways to make a smaller room feel like a big home office with creative furniture placement. I have a desk very similar to the ikea one you show above (mines from Target)! here is my office: