Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's the weekend: Make it great

Happy Weekend to Everyone.

It's a weekend filled with birthday celebrations from near and far for us. My sister Maggie and Erin's mom Judy share Jan. 29th as their birthdays. Erin and I will travel up to Evergreen tonight for a lovely lobster dinner. I'll likely receive a phone call from the Dodson crew while at their dinner in Lansing. Happy Birthday to our lovely family members!

Erin survived her first week of the accounting industry's busy season. I probably had my busiest week at Exclusive Resorts (the luxury travel industry is fascinating).

And in the news...

— The Aussie Open didn't feature a Williams sister, but did see an up-and-coming star.

— Facebook is close to going public, and could be worth nearly $100 billion. Billion.

— Everyone on the Italian Cruise ship is receiving $14k for their Titanic-like experience

— Mitt Romney, if he pulls it out, would be our richest president ever.

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