Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Condo is Finally Becoming a Home

When you move anywhere, there is always that period of uncomfortableness. Luckily for Erin and I, that period didn't last too long. We finally think that our downtown Denver condo is getting to that point of completion. There are some things, like the photo collage I mentioned earlier this week, that we still need to work on. We want to hang some shelves, put more photos up around the place, and then when the weather gets nicer, buy some patio furniture and a grill for our balcony (which in my opinion, is the best part of our new home).

We kept the colors neutral in our place, with whites, light tans, and then a darker black-brown for our end tables, coffee table, and TV stand. Here are some photos of our progress.
Every house needs at least a small wine rack and a glass rack for underneath your counters.

Erin yelled at me for taking this, because the kitchen was kind of messy. We still need to get a small desk for our iMac, but for now, it looks pretty good in our kitchen. That's where we do all of our blogging.
We love that all of our appliances are stainless steel.
Once we put some photos on the wall, our living room will be amazing. When the sun beats down on it, it's so comfortable and warm.
One of our wedding gifts was this lovely tray that really adds some color to our living room.
When it comes to picking out a bed and bed sheets, Erin is an expert. Our bed is beyond hotel quality. It's superb.
And the one question we have — what can we put in these awesome glass jars we got from our wedding? The smaller ones that came with the set are perfect in our bathroom, but these ones are a bit larger. Let us know what you think in the comments, below.


  1. Your condo is gorgeous and how fabulous is it that you get that much light in! xo

    1. Thanks! It's still a work in progress - but we're getting there. And I see you're from Michigan! I'm a Colorado-transplant from Michigan - Where did you grow up?

  2. Love how your place looks- that wine rack is awesome, too! For the glass jars, maybe something seasonal? sand/shells in the summer, tiny Christmas ornaments in the winter, etc?