Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two things I love having in our kitchen

While you need all the important kitchen necessities: i.e., dishes, glasses, silverware, knives, a wooden spoon... there are two things that I love having in our kitchen. In fact, they are my two favorite things in our kitchen:

1) A Soda Stream
2) A Double Waffle Iron

Now, I know Erin will disagree with me, although she enjoys both of these fine tools, but my life in the kitchen has been much happier since receiving both of these gifts for our wedding.

A Soda Stream turns regular water into beautiful, bubbly soda water. Mix it with orange juice, and you have a lovely, carbonated beverage.

And what's better than a waffle maker? A double waffle maker. Fill the batter in the top iron, close it, flip it, and fill the batter in the second iron, close it, and then flip it. Once you hear the first beep, your top waffle is a perfect golden brown. After the second beep, your spouse's waffle is ready.

Message to future engaged people: Register for both of these.

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