Monday, February 6, 2012

2 Great Blogs for Newlyweds

Just two newlyweds loving life...
It seems these days our Google search history has something to do with newlyweds. Just type in "newlyweds" into your search bar and you get a ton of great suggestions. As we search around, we've found a lot of great blogs geared toward newlyweds like ourselves.

So to our other recently-married friends — give these blogs a look:

What started as a hobby for this blogger has turned into a pretty nifty site that offers some fun home d├ęcor alternatives that won't break the bank. From how to make clothespin note holders for Valentine's Day to homemade coasters from party napkins, this blog that has picked up in popularity as of recently should definitely be a go-to for couples who have moved in together looking.

Adventures of Newlyweds
This couple travels frequently, including their most recent trip to Disneyland in California. Ashley takes great photos that really capture the moment and the adventures with her husband. The narrative writing is very simple and to the point, but the blog is really photo-focused, which is great. Looking for a creative vacation? Or maybe just some inspiration? Check out Adventures of Newlyweds. It's currently under construction (I'm not sure with what...) but it's a great blog to follow and read.

I'm going to have to get creative this week. My lovely Erin is in the Big Apple for the next three weeks for business! More to come soon.

Happy Monday!

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