Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5 Things Newlyweds Should do to Spark Their Marriage From the Start

You say "I do," cut the cake and dance the night away. The wedding was perfect, the honeymoon was even more perfect.

Now it's time for the real world. It's time to learn the little things that makes your spouse tick. It's time to live together as a married couple. Congratulations.

To ensure a healthy start, here are five things that Erin and I thought about that have helped us so far in this journey called marriage.

  1. Wake up and eat breakfast together. It doesn't matter if someone is a breakfast eater or they're not (they should, it's the most important meal of the day!) — this little tip is about starting the day with the person you love.
  2. Write each other notes to put into your spouse's lunchbox. A couple of things here: Bring a lunch to work! By bringing a lunch, you can save nearly $50 a week ($200 a month, $2,400 for the year)! But the occasional (not every day, because than it becomes expected and normal) note can definitely be something to cheer up your spouse midday. It's the perfect solution to when work is dragging you down at that time. This little tip is even better if they don't see you slip it in their lunchbox.
  3. Start something together. For Erin and I, we decided a blog would be a fun little project to start and keep going. For others, it could be reading the same book — or reading different books and talking to the other person about it. After 40+ (more like 70+ for Erin right now) of work each week, you need something that you enjoy and that you can do together. We love blogging right now.
  4. Surprise and delight. There's nothing more Erin enjoys than when she comes home after her 12 hour day in a windowless office to a clean kitchen, empty dishwasher and a glass of wine — if she's feeling up for it. It's something little I can do to make the rest of her day better. The same goes for the wife. It's that unexpected folding of laundry, or that handful of candy she snuck from work to give to give to her husband.
  5. Never go to bed angry. This advice is eternal. There are so many little disagreements that can build up — but when it's time to say goodnight, it's time to let all of those go. In reality, 99 percent of the time, the disagreements are so minimal that you won't even know why you fought about them in the first place. Follow this advice and you'll be happier and sleep better at night.
Today, we're also excited to announce that we're partnering with a very creative blog — The Bird's Papaya! This is the place to go when you have that itch of creativity. Sarah has amazing ideas to spruce up your home — definitely check out her site. When you do, you'll see our blog logo on the sidebar.

Cheers to the week being almost halfway done!


  1. First, I have to say I love the concept of your blog-- and that you a male is blogging too! so great! second, yes disney is fantastic. If you can choose, I would say go to disneyworld opposed to disneyland--more to do, more parks and more space plus the resorts are fantastic. but if you are closer and disneyland is a cheaper option for you, it is pretty much the same as magic kingdom and you will get the overall feeling of disney just as well! hope you get to go on your trip soon!

    congrats on your marriage!

  2. You guys are so cute :)
    I know how much folded laundry can mean to someone. Last night I was visiting friends and she asked me if I minded folding the laundry for her LOL her hubby was in charge of laundry and it has been sitting for a week. See it is these little things that make a difference :)

    Andrew, keep folding that laundry and emptying the dishwasher! :)