Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Awesome T-shirts for Michiganders from The Mitten State

I'm not sure if you've heard about this awesome Grand Rapids, Mich. company — but definitely check them out.

While I'm officially labeled as a Colorado-transplant, my roots will always be in the Mitten State. Luckily for me, the company — The Mitten State — is making some pretty awesome T-shirts and stickers to help me stay connected to Michigan.

I learned about The Mitten State around Christmas time when my mom bought me their car decal, which is an outline of the mitten and U.P. and then you place a dot wherever you grew up. I still need to put that on my car — the laziness stops this week!

For Erin's and my Hillsdale friends not from Michigan, make sure to check out the site (You can click here) and see some retro T-shirts of GLIAC college teams. Unfortunately, no Hillsdale shirts at this time. Maybe they could make a shirt remembering that Refrigerator Bowl victory in the mid-1950s?

The company is not only out there trying to make money, either. Every purchase you make sees a portion of the proceeds go to local Michigan charities, including the Conductive Learning Center, Food Bank Council of Michigan and the Michigan Humane Society.

And finally — We're happy to announce that we're an affiliate for the Mitten State now. You'll see a button in our right sidebar that you can click that takes you to their site to see their latest products.

What's your favorite shirt? Let us know! ...maybe a giveaway is in order!


I have to give a shout out to a Hillsdale friend is who is trying to help preserve the Great Lakes by selling these awesome decals. It's a good cause started by a great guy — check it out.


  1. http://www.kinddesignclothing.com/kind_design/home.html

    That's my favorite Colorado shirt company..it's similar to your Michigan company :) That way, Erin can rep CO too!!


  2. What a neat post Andrew! :) Thanks! <3 BTW - I hope you are doing well too, especially since the wedding and living out in Colorado and everything! ;)