Thursday, February 2, 2012

Every Home Needs a Money Tree

When you come into our downtown condo, you'll notice some pretty flowers that Erin bought this past weekend and one other plant: The Money Tree.

When Erin was given her job offer back in the summer, I sent her this Money Tree to congratulate her. That was more than six months ago and it's still thriving today. It's actually more than twice its size now.

Now this tree doesn't grow hundred dollar bills — not even dimes — but it does serve as the perfect metaphor for our relationship and marriage. It's a good reminder that if you keep working hard, you'll continue to thrive. And it's always fun to daydream about money growing off its branches (or winning the lotto, as I do quite often...)

According to Chinese legend, the money tree is a kind of holy tree which can bring money and fortune to the people. According to the fine people at Wikipedia...
"It can be traced back to the primitive society when the adoration of holy tree was prevalent. Whilst Money trees may be derived from the Sun tree myth associated with paradise the coins link paradise with a material bounty in this world."
Go out and buy a money tree (ProFlowers sells them). Who knows — with a little luck, maybe you'll strike a fortune.

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