Monday, February 27, 2012

Fashion Police: The Dodson Edition

Did you watch the Academy Awards last night? Andrew and I did, and I must say, I was a little disappointed. I found the whole thing to be a little boring (even though I thoroughly enjoyed Billy Crystal's "Chapter Eleven Theater" joke). Maybe it's because Hugo and The Artist pretty much swept every category and we've seen neither. I am a little more intrigued by Hugo after last night, but still a little skeptical of The Artist (really, the ENTIRE thing is silent??). Even though The Descendants and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close didn't win any big awards, however, they are still on our must-see list (we've already seen The HelpMidnight in Paris and Moneyball).

The fashion, however, (in my opinion) did NOT disappoint last night. Below are my picks for best and worst dressed of the evening.

Best Dressed:

Cameron, you look stunning as usual. And I love the adorable new haircut.

Andrew said she looks like a present with the bow and I know Nicole Kidman wore something almost identical a few years back, but I think Emma looked beautiful last night. Maybe it's just because I love her. But I still think the dress is gorgeous.

Bridesmaid's Rose Byrne. Her hair, the dress. Everything. So classy and elegant.

Once she took that weird cape-thing off, I thought Gwyneth looked absolutely beautiful. This dress is so simple, yet elegant and classic. I kept thinking what a cool, alternative wedding dress it would make.

And Worst Dressed:

Just because you could see a small part of her nipple all night. Not a huge fan of the sleeves either...

I thought Angelina looked too pale and frail. And the pose she felt was necessary to strike all night is a tad ridiculous. Brad makes up for his other half though...

And finally, Sacha Baron Cohen. The picture speaks for itself. Ryan Seacrest seemed a little less than thrilled to have Kim Jong II's "ashes" poured all over him. 

Did you tune in last night? What were your thoughts? Have you seen any of the movies I mentioned above (or any of the other nominees)? What did you think?

And for a little Monday afternoon giggle, a tumblr about a baby's take on this year's best picture nominees.

Happy Monday!



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