Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday's Assignment: Get Ready for the Weekend and Super Bowl Sunday

We've made it through another week! Here in Denver we're going out with a bang — a pretty substantial blizzard started Thursday night and continued through the early morning with plenty of heavy accumulation.

Sidebar: Erin and I were watching TV and saw the school closings — McGladery & Pullen and Exclusive Resorts didn't show up on the ticker. I hope the kids in Denver Public Schools enjoy their long weekend...

Because those kids don't have school today, you have an assignment due by Sunday night when the New York Giants take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI. Go out for drinks tonight at a nicer bar that has stronger, cardboard coasters. Preferably something colorful and unique (restaurants that serve craft brews typically have these types of coasters).

Last week, Erin and I hit up a happy hour and she had this genius idea of getting some coasters for our house (something we don't have right now). Of course, don't just stuff them away in your purse or coat pocket (unless no one is looking) — make sure to ask the bartender if you can take a few.

When you're hosting your Super Bowl party Sunday night, you'll not only have something to put your drinks on – you'll have something really cool to put your drinks on.

Cheers! And Go Giants!


  1. ha I love those! Perfect to put your drinks on and even more perfect for the occasion! GO GIANTS indeed! :-)

    Come on over to win and ONA camera bag!

  2. Slightly related: I love Breckenridge Brewery's beers. They are all delicious.

    1. Maria -- Aren't they? Especially the Vanilla Porter - My Favorite! Also... why aren'y you following our blog? We must have your little face in our square of faces in the sidebar!

      You're missing out on this amazing snowstorm right now...