Monday, February 13, 2012

The iDesk Could be the Future Home Office

We've mentioned plenty of times on this blog that we're working on getting a smaller desk setup and trying to go completely paperless. We're slacking a bit on those goals.

But all in due time! I came across this article this week, and being the Apple fan and tech geek that I am, I was immediately intrigued. Say hello to the iDesk — the future of your personal office.

The writers over at Mac Life Magazine did a feature piece on conceptualized products that Apple could develop in the next 30 years of so, and the iDesk is definitely their best concept.

Do you like the blue background? The choice is yours!
Imagine an entirely adaptable workspace that doesn't just hold your equipment, but enhances and interacts with it... the entire desk would be a touch-sensitive display capable of running several simultaneous apps, some of which — such as a calendar, phone and digital Post-It notes — would replace their physical counterparts entirely.
The design and concept, illustrated by Adam Benton, is pretty amazing. Place your iPhone down on the desk anywhere and it'll sync your daily activities. Need a file? It's in that stack of files you put in the corner of your desk. Simply flick through the digital stack and flick it over to your screen to read it. Comparing spreadsheets and word documents? Expand them and place them anywhere on your desk. It's all clutter and paper free.

Now, this concept doesn't include a physical keyboard or mouse. I'm OK with the mouse, as their idea is the desk itself can work as a trackpad. But I still think you would need a physical keyboard for longer typing. Maybe they could throw it in as an option.

So, I guess the only thing to ask is: Who's going to stand in line with me when this is released?

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  1. holy crap that is seriously cool! I would definitely get one!
    my boss is he biggest Mac nerd there is so i'm positive he'd get one. His entire house is Apple wired, it's pretty wild! Just think of the multi tasking that could be done!