Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vacation to-do list: Tuscany

Next week I get to go on a vacation to New York City and spend some amazing time with my wife. But working in the luxury travel industry always gets you thinking about dream vacations. I had one of those moments this week.

I interviewed one of our members on her recent stay in Tuscany in the winter time. Typically, members avoid Tuscany come January — it's too cold, too much snow, and the wineries aren't as lively. For this member, however, she loved every moment. The crowds were nonexistent, her group received exclusive tours of private villas, and much more. Give the post a read.

The picture up top is the house where our members stay while in Tuscany. Here's a peak inside the home. Pretty amazing, huh?

And here's some more Tuscan inspirations...

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