Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winter has finally arrived in Denver

The first thing that most people from the Midwest tell me when they hear I'm now living in Denver is, "Oh, I hope you like all of that snow!"

They couldn't be more wrong. Being from Michigan, I know what snow is all about. Remember Snowmageddon of 2011? The entire state essentially shut down for a long weekend.

Like most of the country this year, it's been a pretty warm and mild winter. This past week, we finally received a good amount of snow in the city — about 15-inches total. I was certainly getting used to 60-degree January weekdays and walking home from work in just a sweater.

Unlike Michigan right now, the plows in Colorado are always running and putting down de-freezing chemicals and salt on the roads. Also unlike Michigan, the sun shines 95 percent of the year, so whenever it snows, you can bet it'll melt in a few days.

Luckily, I captured this photo on the morning of our big storm. Isn't it beautiful?

The best part is, we're supposed to get more snow this week and my beautiful wife is in New York City on business with no snow in sight. Enjoy, sweetheart!

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