Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Friday! Have a Great Weekend

We've made it through another week! Is there a better feeling?

Erin and I have a Friday tradition where we've eaten out at different pizza places, but in the spirit of saving money, last week we tried our hand at homemade pizza. And this week is going to be no different because it came out really, really well! Watch for a recipe to come soon.

And instead of heading out for drinks tonight, we've officially deemed tonight a movie night. This is where your part comes in: What movie should we rent? Being Hillsdale College graduates, we're strongly considering The Iron Lady but we also want to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Hey — we didn't say it was Romantic Comedy Friday. Any recommendations are certainly welcomed!

A few things to check out this weekend:

• John Mayer has preview track on iTunes of his new album. I cannot wait for it. It's more country — a bit more James Taylor.

• If you didn't listen to us before, please go to this Tumblr. It's hilarious. Here's a preview:
"When I wrongly assume that I can handle one more shot"

• Listen to this song. It's Erin's and my current favorite:

And that should be it for this weekend. We hope your weekend is filled with plenty of fun!

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