Monday, April 2, 2012

Where Have we Been? A Weekend in Review

As Erin and I were getting ready for another Monday this morning, we thought to ourselves, "Hey, we haven't put up a new blog post in a long time!" I then said, "Hmm, people are probably concerned about us. They haven't had their Erin and Andrew fix in some time now."

Well, here you go! (Of course, that first paragraph is a complete joke, except the part about us not blogging in awhile!) It has been a combination of a lack of motivation and busy schedules that has resulted in a lack of stories. And this week isn't looking much better.

Erin is yet again working 45 minutes away from the city everyday and likely working much later, in order to get out a little earlier on Good Friday. This weekend I started a new blogging job at writing about Apple products and technology! It's a great side job that I'm really enjoying in just the first few days of work. Check out my piece on how Ashton Kutcher is pegged to play Steve Jobs in an upcoming indy film.

Like the photo above? It kind of serves as a summary of our weekend, outside of the bottom right corner photo. We drove by this building that used to sell maps. Clearly, it's out of business now. Talk about being outdated by technology.

This past weekend was a pretty typical, but relaxing weekend for us. We've been pretty diligent about working out and that continued on Saturday with a run to Cherry Creek, followed by a bicycle ride back home. We then met Erin's mom and sister up the mountain to see The Hunger Games which was a great movie -- go see it! Sunday started earlier with 8:30 a.m. Mass and then we went grocery shopping. Upon our return home, we did some power cleaning, some laundry, and then headed to an animal shelter to continue our search for a kitten! What? A kitten you say?

Last week, we decided we need a little kitty around the house to entertain us. So we checked out a shelter last week, and then one this week, but no luck. We figure this could take some time, so we're being patient. We can't wait to find one to show everyone! That will really jazz up this blog.

Sunday afternoon was glorious. We enjoyed some very refreshing beers over crackers and cheese with the door to our balcony and windows opened. It was hot - but so perfect. Erin was able to catch up with her best friend from college on the phone while I blogged a little bit for the new job. Erin made an amazing spinach salad for dinner that we enjoyed while watching Lost. Ah - another thing we haven't filled you in on!

Erin's favorite show in high school was Lost - something that I never watched. Thanks to Netflix, we can watch  all six seasons. We finished season one last night and will start season two soon! It's official - I'm hooked.

And now we're back to another week. Monday's are never fun, and to make it worse - it's really gloomy in Denver today. Oh well! We hope everyone has a great week. We'll do our best to blog more this week - but no promises! We do guarantee plenty of Easter photos from this coming weekend, however.

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