Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday Brunch Makes for a Perfect Day

A good night's sleep, Sunday morning church and a great Sunday morning brunch makes for the perfect end to a weekend.

This weekend, Erin and I, while heading to church, were blocked off by the Colfax Marathon - Denver's main marathon. By the time we got to the part of the road that was blocked off and figured out our next route, we knew we couldn't make it nearly on time, so we said a quick prayer and headed to Sunday Brunch.

For the fine people of Denver: Head to Venue in the highlands. It's a quaint little restaurant that offers the perfect size breakfast, a great mimosa and bloody mary and excellent French-pressed coffee. We highly recommend it!

We Instagrammed the photo above and used the app PicFrame to frame it accordingly. It's a great 99-cent app that you should download.

We'll have many new stories in the coming week! We head back to Michigan (I've been away from home for nearly 7 months! The longest amount of time ever) for a wedding celebration with some of my family and friends that couldn't make it to Denver for our December wedding. We are absolutely excited for a vacation!

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